It only takes a few minutes to install the Yale telecommunicating alarm in your house. And watching this video will show you how. It begins by explaining how to prepare the components, how to set up the control panel and programme the system with the date, time and PIN code. You’ll find out how to test the strength of the signal between the components and control panel as well how to arm, disarm and test the system. If you want to use the telephone alert function, there’s information on that too.

Preparation & planning

Before you can start installing the alarm system, you’ll need to activate the batteries in each of the components. Ideally, the PIRs will be 2 meters from the floor. The magnet and door contact shouldn’t be more than 10mm apart. The external siren should be visible but out of reach so intruders can’t tamper with it.

Hints & tips

Remember your PIN code! This is what you’ll use to disarm the system. Physically check the control panel and components are communicating with one another. Optimal signal strength is at least five.

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