Assembling kitchen cabinets is straightforward as long as you follow the instructions carefully. This video takes you through the different steps involved in building your own cabinets, giving the names of the fixings and parts involved. For the purposes of this demonstration, we build a base unit but similar methods apply to wall units. Instructions may vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer so always read the information provided in your pack.

Preparation & planning

Before you start assembling your cabinets, lay out the parts contained on the floor, and in a way that makes sense to you. This is a good way to check you have everything you need, and stay organised. Empty the fittings into a bowl or keep them in their bag so they don't get lost. If you’re assembling wall units, ensure you buy units that are appropriate for your wall.


Follow manufacturer's instructions regarding cleaning fluids appropriate for your bathroom cabinet to avoid damaging surfaces and paintwork. (

Hints & tips

Make sure you adjust the height of the legs on the cabinet to ensure your kitchen cabinets are at the most comfortable height for you and your family (the average height is 910mm). It's also always a good idea to put all small cam locks, dowels and screws into a bowl whilst you assemble the unit to avoid losing them.


Avoid overlocking cam screws as this can damage the cabinet and weaken it's structure. If you are putting together a large cabinet, ask someone to help move the cabinet as it will be heavy.

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