This video shows you how to fit a new kitchen tap. For the purposes of this demonstration, a mixer tap is used but there’s also advice on how to fit separate hot and cold taps. All aspects of the process are covered - from turning off the water supply and removing the old tap to reconnecting the water pipes and ensuring your new tap is water-tight. To make things as clear as possible, different elements of the tap unit are named and explained. You’ll find out what tools to use and when alternatives might be necessary.

Preparation & Planning

When deciding which taps to buy, take into consideration your sink unit. To accommodate mixer taps, your sink unit only needs one tap hole. For separate hot and cold taps, it needs to have two holes. Also make sure you know how to turn the sink’s hot and cold water supply off and on again.


After fitting your new tap, make sure you keep the manufacturer's instructions. This will mean that if you do experience problems or leaks in the future, you will be able to locate and solve the problem much quicker.

Hints & tips

It would be good to have someone help you install the tap as small parts can be fiddily, plus you need to be aware of the spout on top of the sink and the workings below.


If replacing an old tap, make sure you turn off the water to the area before attempting to remove the old tap. Also, avoid lying directly underneath the sink whilst removing the old sink, as small parts may fall down during the process.

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