Kitchen drawers break for many reasons. This video runs through some of the most common issues, and offers easy solutions to help extend the life of your drawers. It shows you how to mend worn screw holes that cause wobbly drawer fronts. It explains how to fix unstable drawer bodies by tightening up the woodwork. It tells you how to replace slides as well as offering tips on how to remove and reinsert drawers correctly.

Preparation & Planning

Once you’ve determined why your drawer is broken, empty out its contents then clean and dry it thoroughly. To prevent further damage, when removing the drawer from the slides, pull it out as far as it’ll go, lift it to a 30-degree angle and gently pull it towards you.


After fixing your drawer, leave any glue to dry for as long as possible. Beware of overfilling drawers, as this can often lead to damage.

Hints & tips

When replacing slides, be mindful that there are many different options for where to drill new holes. It won't always be necessary to re-use holes which may have been damaged.


Avoid skin and eye contact with all adhesives. When drilling, use protective goggles and gloves.

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