How to cut tiles

Whether you’re using ceramic tiles, or thicker tiles made from porcelain or natural materials, this video guides you through the various ways to cut tiles. It tells you how to use a tile scribe, a combined scorer and snapper, and, for when lots of tiles need cutting, a tile-cutting machine. You’ll find out how to create curved tiles with a tile nipper and tile file, or tile saw, and how to use a tungsten carbide rod for more complex shapes. There’s even advice on using a diamond blade wet saw cutter.

Preparation & planning

Tiles made from porcelain or natural materials are thicker than ceramic tiles, therefore require different cutting methods and tools. So, if you don’t know already, you must find out what material your tiles are made from before you start.

Getting the job done - hints & tips

Make sure you're using the right method for the job. The video outlines the benefits of using each method to cut tiles.


Always use protective gloves and protective goggles whilst cutting tiles.

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