How to mix and apply adhesive

As the first step to tiling floors and walls, it’s essential to mix and apply adhesive correctly. Whether you’re buying brand new adhesive or using an old one, this video tells you everything you need to know about about mixing the right amount, the tools you’ll need to apply the mixture, what to do if your tiles aren’t level and how to clean up.

Preparation & Planning

When it comes to adhesive, make sure you buy the right one for your surface, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Before you begin the application, prime any plaster or plywood surfaces, and ensure all plaster is dry.

Getting the job done - hints & tips

When laying tiles, make sure they are even - you can use a spirit level to check this. If a tile sits behind or infront of the other tiles, add or remove adhesive from the back of the tile before replacing. Always make sure the adhesive doesn't fill the grout lines and remember to wipe away any exessive adhesive on the front of the tiles before it sets with a damp cloth.

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