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How to plan your dream kitchen

Plan your dream kitchen

Plan your dream kitchen with one of our design specialists.

Our kitchen design team will help you every step of the way to achieve your dream kitchen. In the meantime, we’ll show you how to plan around your lifestyle and what options to consider.

To make the best use of available space, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much storage do you need?
  • What exactly will you be using your kitchen space for?
  • Who else will use it?
  • How much time will you spend there?

As well as cooking and dining, the kitchen is often used for work and entertaining. This has resulted in a trend for multi-purpose kitchens and a kitchen island or breakfast bar is the best way to achieve this. Both are versatile and perfect for adding extra functionality and storage space. Get the most out of these options by considering the tips below.



  • Add bookshelves or wine racks underneath
  • Install plug sockets for laptops & phone chargers
  • Ensure the lighting above your island or bar worktop is suitable for your needs
  • To create a comfortable seating area, make sure the worktop overhangs the unit
  • Including a hob or sink in an island will enable you to be more sociable when completing tasks

Once you’ve got a good idea of how you’ll use your new kitchen and what you require, consider the layout.

Layout – get the essentials right

One social space

Island pop ups

The Working Triangle

There are three main working areas in a kitchen – the hob and oven and the sink and refrigeration. Planning these areas is known as the working triangle as they’re used the most. The layouts below demonstrate how to position these three areas so they’re convenient and close to each other.

Plan your dream kitchen - Linear

Linear Kitchen

Plan your dream kitchen - Galley

Galley Kitchen

Plan your dream kitchen - U-Shaped

U-Shaped Kitchen

Plan your dream kitchen L-Shaped

L-Shaped Kitchen

The Working Zones

Plan the rest of your kitchen around your working triangle. The less frequently you use items, the further out of the working triangle they should be. Think of the areas around each point of the triangle as the following working zones.

Food Storage Zone

This includes the fridge, freezer and dry storage. Consider the amount of storage you’ll need, including the size of the fridge and freezer. A worktop near the fridge is really handy for unpacking the shopping and food preparation.

Cooking Zone

Includes the oven, hob, microwave and food preparation areas. Keep cooking utensils close by and it’s handy to have the cooking zone close to the sink so you’re not carrying hot items too far. Allow worktop space for food preparation around this zone so you’re not carrying food across the kitchen to the cooking appliances.

Washing Zone

This is the sink and dishwasher. It’s best to plan everything that needs plumbing to be close or along the same wall (known as a wet wall). Keep the fridge close to the sink for washing fruit and salad. Also, keeping the worktop above the dishwasher free of clutter and appliances provides space for stacking dishes that need to be loaded and allows room for unloading.

Storage Solutions

Now you’ve identified the working zones in your kitchen, think about storage around these areas.

Food Storage

Shelf inserts, door-mounted baskets and cupboard organisers will best utilise your cabinets for food and drink. Think about what type of cooling appliances you require, including the option of a wine cooler.

Cooking Zone Storage

Drawers for cutlery and cabinets for dishes and appliances are handy here. Under oven drawers are great for storing baking trays and deep pan drawers are very useful for easy access.

Plan your dream kitchen - Washing Zone Storage

Washing Zone Storage

Cabinets for cleaning products and built-in bins under the sink are convenient solutions. Our waste bins also have options for separating your recycling.



  • Improve accessibility with pull-out cabinets & carousels, saving you from reaching deep into cupboards to find what you want
  • Make the most of corners. We have a wide range of corner options including floor to ceiling larder cupboards, to ensure no space is wasted
  • Ensure the lighting above your island or bar worktop is suitable for your needs
  • Keep plates stable. Plate holders stop plates wobbling when drawers are opened & closed
  • If you’re short on space, use the walls. We have lots of stylish wall storage solutions – from shelves to magnetic knife strips & hanging rails

Lighting Ideas

Effective lighting can create a welcoming atmosphere and be functional, while expressing your personal style. There are three types of lighting you need to consider – ambient, task and feature.

Plan your dream kitchen - Ambient Lighting

Ambient Lighting

Create anything from a soft, warm, intimate glow for dining areas to an ultra-modern lighting effect designed with parties and entertaining in mind. A dimmer switch will ensure your lighting is glare-free yet bright enough to illuminate the room for general use and gives you full control of every lighting effect in-between.

Plan your dream kitchen - Task Lighting

Task Lighting

Task lighting is used to illuminate appliances and worktops for safe food preparation. It provides bright, focused lighting and beautifully highlights areas you wish to emphasise. Directional spotlights angled towards cupboards and walls not only provide great lighting for larger kitchens but also make smaller kitchens feel more open by reflecting light back into the room.

Plan your dream kitchen - Feature Lighting

Feature Lighting

Enhance key areas of your design scheme with contemporary feature lighting. Downlights can be used to draw attention to your favourite wall piece or inside display cabinets, under a breakfast bar or worktop to highlight and create a soft glow. You can also use uplighting to accentuate architectural features.

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