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Family kitchen ideas

Often the heart of the home, the kitchen is where we enjoy food and quality time with loved ones. Offering extra surface space, it can also be the ideal area for arts and crafts, doing homework, playing board games or simply relaxing. Whatever your needs, create the perfect space for cooking and congregating with these family-friendly kitchen ideas.

Broken-plan living

Open-plan meets broken-plan to provide all the benefits of open-plan living while also giving you privacy and a room divide where and when you need it. Opening up your kitchen with other living areas provides more time for togetherness and enables you to keep an eye on the children while you’re cooking a meal.

Set the tone for the zone

If you have rooms within a room, decorate to differentiate. By creating complementary contrast with colours and textures, you subtly divide living areas while retaining an open, social feel. For style inspiration, see our tile trends and kitchen paint. Within the kitchen, choosing contrasting worktop materials will define zones while creating visual interest.



When choosing a new work surface in a home with young children, opt for rounded and edges for a childproof, yet stylish finish.

Divide and unify with a breakfast bar or island

A breakfast bar or kitchen island is ideal if you want an open and airy feel while creating a dividing yet social line. Both are versatile and adaptable to varying needs and occasions. As well as a comfortable seating area, kitchen islands can provide lots of extra storage, including bookshelves and plug sockets. They can even include a hob or sink, allowing you to socialise and entertain instead of missing out when you’re busy.

Pull-out table

Pull-out table

Don’t have space for a breakfast bar? Our sleek, pull-out table extends to create extra room for work, dining or entertaining and neatly folds away into a drawer front when not in use.

Wickes Extending Concealed Pull-Out Table

Create an open division with doors

The addition of sliding, folding and glass doors are an effective way to break up your kitchen with adjoining living areas to offer both seclusion and socialisation when you want it. Unlike solid doors, they allow light and fluidity between living areas even when closed.

Keeping it organised

Our innovative storage techniques are designed to keep your kitchen clutter-free and make everyday items easily accessible with kitchens of all shapes and sizes in mind. Combine style and practicality to maximise space and convenience with these popular storage ideas.

Pull-outs and clever corners

Kitchen corners are often where most space is wasted but our storage solutions transform them into innovative, well-organised areas. Pull-out and revolving corner storage is a handy way to easily view food, drink and bulky items such as pots and pans and provides easy access to deep and narrow cupboards. A corner larder is also an ingenious way of storing everyday items efficiently and conveniently while being a stunning statement piece in the kitchen.

Waste Management

A commonly overlooked yet vital part of any kitchen is the waste and recycling bins. Built-in bins are an ideal solution to keep them out of the way in a busy kitchen and they have options for neatly separating your recycling, hiding waste and freeing up floor space.



If you have young children or pets, it’s important to store chemicals such as laundry and cleaning products out of their reach at all times.

DIY trends

Create an expressive space that’s interesting yet functional and ideal for keeping the kids entertained or if you’d like to incorporate a study area. These eye-catching DIY trends provide a quirky backdrop that’s ever-changing and versatile.

Blackboard paint
Magnetic feature wall

Pet-friendly kitchen ideas

Have a furry family member? With our pet-friendly kitchen ideas, you can be sure your kitchen looks its best, is easy to clean and keeps pets safe from daily hazards. From decor tips and tricks to ingenious storage solutions, see how you can create the ideal kitchen for you and your pets.