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How to lay Laminate Flooring

This video guides & project page will help you install and maintain laminate flooring in your home.

It's often useful to see more than one explanation of a project before you start. So to give you the best possible advice we've come up with two helpful videos showing you how to lay laminate flooring.

How to Lay Laminate Flooring from on Vimeo.


How to lay laminate flooring from on Vimeo.

In addition to our Video Guides, we have free How To Guides packed with advice.

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Tools for the job

Materials for the job



Preparation & Planning

Whatever type of laminate flooring you choose to install, you will need a fitting kit for effective installation. The fitting kit should contain spacers, a tamping block and a pull bar.

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Laminate Flooring requires little maintenance apart from being kept clean. It is a good idea to position a mat at exterior door openings to collect grit and prevent it being brought into the house.

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Getting the job done - hints & tips

Always start your work at the end of the room furthest from the door!

Do not lay the flooring on recently laid concrete. Wait until it is totally dry.

Before laying the first board adjacent to the end wall, check with the fitting instructions whether the tongue or the groove should point towards the wall...

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Always makes sure your tools are in good working order and you have the correct safety equipment. Read all instructions carefully, especially if you are using a piece of equipment for the first time.

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How To Guide

In addition to our 'How To' video, we recommend you read our 'How To Guide - How to lay laminate and 
wood flooring'. It features diagrams and detailed step-by-step advice on how to install laminate flooring with a professional finish.

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