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Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting

When choosing lighting for the bathroom it’s worth considering both functional task lighting, for daily routine such as washing, shaving or cleaning your teeth, along with opportunities to create more atmosphere, for relaxing in the bath.

Think beyond the idea of just having a single ceiling light, and instead install a combination of task, ambient and feature lighting to help create your perfect space.

Task Lighting

Alongside flush or recessed ceiling downlighters for general all purpose lighting, most bathrooms also require functional lighting for specific tasks. Usually installed around basins or mirrors this should provide practical illumination for activities like shaving, styling hair or applying make up.

Ambient and Feature Lighting

Ambient lighting is used to set the background mood to a space and can help to create the perfect environment in which to unwind after a long hard day.

Feature lighting allows particular areas of a space to be highlighted or given extra emphasis. This type of lighting will add interest or glamour to your bathroom.



The higher the IP rating the more water resistant the light fitting is. Some products are unsuitable for areas where they are likely to be exposed to accidental splashes of water, and products that carry a lower IP rating must be fitted an appropriate distance away from any water source.