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Light Bulb Buying Guide, Sizes, Types and Fittings

Wickes stock a wide range of light bulbs & tubes to suit a variety of situations and lighting needs, with each technology offering its own benefits and lighting qualities.

Choose the right light bulb

When choosing between different types of bulb or tube, other important factors to consider are choosing the right type of bulb style, colour, intensity, quality and directionality of the light emitted, along with power consumption and ease of fitting and replacement

Light bulb types

Halogen Bulbs (GU10)

We have hundreds of Halogen Bulbs for most lighting appliances including spotlights, flush, recess and wall lights.

Halogen Bulbs
  • Crisp light, Instant brightness
  • 25% more energy efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs
  • Life span: Less than 2 years

LED Bulbs (GU10)

Instant quality light, outstanding design, state of the art LED technology.

LED Bulbs
  • Last 12 times longer than a standard Halogen bulb
  • Energy efficient
  • Instant switch on

Fluorescent Bulbs

Our range of replacement Fluorescent Tubes in a selection of different sizes and wattage.

Fluorescent Bulbs
  • Practical and energy-efficient
  • Quick start-up time

CFL Bulbs

Our CFL Bulbs are great energy saving alternatives to traditional light bulbs, and are suitable for most homes and projects.

CFL Bulbs
  • Long life
  • Save up to 80% energy compared to traditional bulbs
  • Longer timer to reach full luminosity


We have a wide range of Specialist Bulbs for specific jobs & appliances including striplights, rough service bulbs, fridge & oven bulbs.

Specialist Bulbs


Philips Hue is your personal wireless lighting system, helping turn your everyday lighting into an extraordinary experience.

Smart Bulbs
  • Control your lights from your phone
  • Easy installation
  • Check compatibility with other smart home appliances

Bulb shapes


Iconic traditional looking simple bulbs



For fixtures where a more elegant stylish look is required



Gives off crisp and bright light



Long lasting and good for lighting up large areas


Mini Globe

OA smaller version of he classic shape we are all used to



Spotlights have become increasingly popular in recent times, most popular in recessed down lighting


Spiral & Stick

Our classic bulbs give the look of an old style bulb but with new technology.


Bulb technology

Different technologies offer different qualities of lighting and power consumption. See our table below for more information on efficient lighting. Always check the beam angle of the specific bulb to make sure it is suitable for your space.

Bulb technology

It’s also important to consider which beam angle will work best for your room. A wider beam angle doesn’t mean you’re getting more light, it simply means the light is more spread out. You might choose a narrow beam angle for an area where you spend time doing a task (such as preparing food) so the light is concentrated into one place. A wider beam angle is great for lighting up a whole area, where the light does not need to be focused onto a specific place.

Kelvin Colour Temperature Scale

The Kelvin Colour Temperature scale is a useful guide to the colour your lighting will provide. Broadly speaking, a bulb with a high rating (over 5000K) will give a bluish, colder light and a bulb with a lower rating (around 3000K) will provide a warmer light.