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How to Lay Paving Slabs

This video guide & project page will help you lay paving slabs to create new patio and driveway features.


How to Lay Paving from on Vimeo.

In addition to our Video Guides, we have free How To Guide packed with advice.

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Tools for the job

Materials for the job


Preparation & Planning

Pre-planning is essential. Using graph paper, draw to scale the area to be paved. Mark in any immovable objects such as your garage or boundary line, and any other features you want to keep.

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Do not walk on the set slabs for at least 24 hours. After this time you can remove the spacers and infill the gaps with a mortar mix, taking care to keep the mix off the face of the slabs.

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Getting the job done - hints & tips

If constructing a driveway you must set the blocks on sand and hardcore, so you will need to dig out ground to a depth of about 200mm.

Few areas are level enough for immediate paving, some areas will need to be excavated, while others built up to create the level.

A patio doesn't have to be flat. You can combine paving slabs with walling, steps and different materials to build your space.

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Always wear eye protection and gloves when paving, and mind your fingers! It's usually wise to get some help lifting heavy slabs.

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How To Guide

In addition to our 'How To' video, we recommend you read our 'How To Guide - How to lay paving'. It features diagrams and detailed step-by-step advice on how to pave patios and driveways like a pro.

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