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How to Plaster a Wall

This video guide & project page will help you achieve great results plastering a wall.

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Tools for the job

Materials for the job



Preparation & Planning

Wickes once coat plaster is suitable for most wall plastering projects including repair work and wall finishing. It creates a smooth, flat white finish over brickwork, blockwork and other common types of masonry.

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New plaster should be left until thoroughly dry prior to any painting or wallpapering you are planning to do over it. A minimum of three weeks is normally required.

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Getting the job done - hints & tips

If you have not plastered before, you may find it useful to have a practice on a hidden wall or in the garage out of sight!

We recommend you only mix as much plaster as you can use in about half an hour.

Minor hollows that appear can be filled and then re-flattened using either your trowel or by ruling again.

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Ensure adequate ventilation when mixing plaster. Wearing a mouth and nose mask is advisable. If you have sensitive skin, gloves should be worn.

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