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How to Replace a Radiator

This video guide & project page will help you choose & fit the right radiator for your home.

Tools for the job

Materials for the job



Preparation & Planning

Your first step is to determine the radiator output necessary for your room. To do this, refer to the charts in our Good Idea Leaflet 49 -Choosing & Fitting Central Heating Radiators.

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By using isolating valves directly on both ends of the radiator, future removal (for decorating etc.) will be very simple with no need to drain the system and no mess to clear up.

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Getting the job done - hints & tips

If the radiator is fitted to an outside wall we recommend you attach Wickes Thermal Insulation Foil to the wall behind the radiator.

Use a spirit level & straightedge or a plumb bob & chalked line to get your bracket marks completely straight.

If space is available in a room, two single radiators would be more effective than one double.

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Always makes sure your tools are in good working order and you have the correct safety equipment. Read all instructions carefully, especially if you are using a piece of equipment for the first time.

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