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SANDPAPER: Behind the idea

PAUL BULLEN. Free Range Designs

Originally from South Africa, Paul founded Free Range Designs in Snowdonia. The company makes beautifully crafted furniture from reclaimed and recycled wood sourced from the nearby rivers and forest. Paul and his team endeavour as far as possible to maintain low-impact lifestyles and working practices.


Paul uses Wickes Aluminium Oxide Green Sandpaper. Its grain goes through a calcification process which makes it more brittle than standard, low-cost grains. The grains splinter in use to create new, sharp edges so not only does the sandpaper last up to 10 times longer, waste material drops away with the splinters to make it less prone to clogging. The grains are electrostatically charged to keep its points facing up making it more efficient, while the tough backing paper makes it durable enough for use on power sanders.

SANDPAPER: A Smoother Surface