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It’s good to give your kitchen a good tidy and deep clean at least once a year, on top of your usual kitchen maintenance. Depending on the size of your kitchen and what you have in it, this can prove to be quite a time-consuming task. However, there are some ways in which you can make things a little easier for yourself.

Self-cleaning Oven

  • Cleaning inside your oven is a seriously hands-on job when done manually, so thankfully most modern ovens have some sort of self-cleaning feature.
  • They’re included to save you the hassle of scrubbing the cavity with a wire brush or scouring pad when there’s burnt-on food and residue.
  • Pyrolytic cleaning scorches baked-on grime and grease, turning it into a fine ash that can be easily wiped away at the end of a cycle.
  • Steam cleaning softens and loosens dirt and makes it easy to wipe clean with a cloth or a sponge.

Induction hob cleaning

  • Wet an e-cloth in hot water and wipe down your induction hob surface to give it a good clean, using the textured part for any stubborn residue. It’s a great way to go chemical-free and still remove bacteria from your cooking area.
  • For an extra-shiny finish, apply some vitreous cream to your hob and allow it to stand before buffing it off.

Cleaning drawers, inserts and surfaces

  • A compact, handheld vacuum is great for cleaning out your drawers and inserts, removing any dust, crumbs and other debris that has built up over time.
  • Removing your inserts lets you give your drawers a more thorough clean.
  • A good quality kitchen spray is enough to keep your worktops clean and hygienic.

Bring back old baking trays

  • If you’ve got old baking trays that you’re not ready to part ways with, you can bring them back from the brink.
  • Sprinkle them with bicarbonate of soda, before giving it a few sprays of hydrogen peroxide and then finishing off with another layer of baking soda.
  • Give it a few hours to set in before wiping clean.

Cleaning your cooker hood

  • As your hood gets covered in grease and dust over time, ordinary cleaning products can start to struggle.
  • Add a few drops of vegetable oil to a cloth or piece of kitchen roll and wipe down the surface of your cooker hood to leave it looking good as new.

Easy blender cleaning

  • Avoid the awkwardness of cleaning your blender jug by hand by adding room temperature water and a tablespoon of vinegar, covering and blending at a medium speed for a minute.
  • Discard this solution and this time add warm water and a small amount of washing up liquid. Cover and blend for a minute again.
  • Discard the soapy solution and rinse with warm water until it runs clear. Add warm water and pulse on a medium speed again for a minute before discarding it.
  • Dry with a microfibre cloth and leave it upside down to air-dry.