When Lee and Emma moved into their house, their garden looked like a jungle. It hadn’t been touched for eight years and now they want to make it into something special. They feel it’s the perfect space to sit and eat together whilst enjoying the outdoors so they want to build a family deck area. Watch the Dunham family’s project come to life with a little help from Wickes.

Tips for building your own deck

Find the right space

Make sure you’re using your garden to its full potential. A great deck depends on its location. Decide whether you want a sunny or shaded deck and if privacy is a requirement. Also avoid very wet areas and remove any vegetation and grass before you begin.

Plan your project

It’s important to have a detailed plan of what you want your deck to look like before you start building. This will help you limit cutting, but also board or bearer wastage.

Use the right tool

A cordless drill/driver is an essential tool for this job. You will need to insert a lot of screws to complete the decking and if you counter sink all drilled fixing points, you will get a smoother finish.

Waterproof your deck

Fit your deck with Mineral Shed Felt to help keep it dry all year long.