One of Ian Hampson’s favourite childhood memories is the tree house that his Dad built for him and his brother when they were young. And now Ian wants to recreate that special father-son bond and build his own son Joel, a tree house that’s just as memorable. Watch Ian’s project come to life thanks to a little help from Wickes.

Tips for building your own tree house

Find the right tree

Before starting any tree house project make sure you find the right tree. It needs to be strong and sturdy, show no sign of disease or rotting and must have well established roots.

Plan your project

It’s important to have a detailed plan of what you want your tree house to look like before you start building. This will help you work out if you need extra supports or any additional materials.

Use the right wood

Never use reclaimed timber. To do your project right use strong, lightweight wood and add a coat of Wickes Fence Timbercare for extra protection from wind, rain and sun.

Waterproof your tree house

Fit your tree house roof with Mineral Shed Felt to help keep it nice and dry in wet weather.