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Clark-drain Mesh Quad Junction Box - Black
Clark Drain Quad Junction Box is used to connect 4 way junction, corners or T junctions. Easy to use with interlocking connection. For use with CD 422 plastic channel.Read more
FloPlast 50mm MiniFlo Round Downpipe Water Butt Rain
The 50mm Black MiniFlo Round Downpipe Water Butt Rain Diverter saves valuable rainwater for general garden use. It allows rainwater to flow from the downpipes into a water butt. Saving water, the environment and money.Read more
Heavy Duty Dustpan & Brush Set
This large jumbo dustpan helps to collect greater amounts of waste and large debris, making it an enduring garden essential.Read more
Stormsaver Rainwater Harvesting Identification Label Kit
To reduce the risk of cross-connection and contamination, it is essential that the reused water pipework is readily distinguishable from other pipework. Stormsaver offer an Identification tape and labels pack to ensure your system is correctly labelled and meets WRAS ...Read more