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Cement & Aggregates

Wickes has a range of Cement, Mortar, and Aggregate Compounds. Our assured lime mortar mix, cements, and aggregates have already been mixed and can be used instantly.

We have a wide range of Sand and Ballast to provide base aggregate for your concreting and mortar projects. 
Concrete & Mortar
Ready-mixed, multi-purpose Wickes Concrete & Mortars for a variety of uses. 
The Wickes Cement range features a selection of cement formulations, with and without admixture. 
Decorative Stones & Gravel
Decorative stones or gravel can be used for a number of jobs including bedding coverage and path bordering. 
Floor Levelling Compound
Our Floor Levelling Compound is a self-levelling product designed for raising or smoothing out uneven concrete, cement screed or plywood internal floors. 
Cement Dyes & Additives
Wickes Cement Additives include dyes and admixtures for use with concrete mixes.