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We can all imagine how forgetting the Christmas Crackers could be annoying. And getting all the nametags muddled up can be quite frustrating. But can you imagine forgetting your loved ones names, forgetting where you live or even forgetting who you are? That’s the reality for people with dementia.

We’ve teamed up with Alzheimer’s Research UK because dementia is caused by diseases, and a disease can be cured. Today we’re asking you to please watch and share this video with your friends and loved ones and donate £2 to Alzheimer's Research UK by texting the word DEFEAT to 70099 or online at

All money received will help power research to defeat dementia.You can play a part in fighting back against dementia this Christmas.

Bright light for a brighter home

Because you can control color, ambiance and timing directly from your smartphone, the clever Philips Hue lighting system means you never have to return home to a dark house. Perfect for warming up the coldest of winter evenings.