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A variety of cables for use all around the home. From BASEC approved twin & earth cable for all of your household wiring, to telephone and speaker flex cable for the more specific jobs, Wickes supplies them in a variety of options.

We have a range of BASEC approved twin & earth cables for all your fixed wiring and lighting requirements. Cables available from 5m to 100m lengths.
Suitable for power tools and small appliances where no earth is required
Suitable for TVs, videos, hi-fis and computers where an earth is required
Our 3 core heat resistant flex is suitable for heaters and heater elements
Our 3 core & earth cable is suitable for 2-way lighting circuits
Our flat flex range is suitable for lamps and small appliances where no earth is required
Our coaxial & satellite cable range is suitable for satellite TV systems and radio aerials
Our bell wire & speaker flex range is suitable for door bells and chimes and fitting new speakers to Hi-Fi systems
Our telephone & alarm flex range is suitable for telephone and extension sockets, as well as alarms
Our PVC Sleeving is used to safely cover earth wiring
BS6004 and BS7211 approved for wiring mains feed into consumer units
6943XLH and BS 5467 BASEC approved suitable for exterior use such as outdoor lighting.