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Showroom kitchen appliances buying guide

Showroom kitchen appliances buying guide



Size options

Choosing the size of oven or ovens required will depend on the size of your family or how much entertaining you do.

  • A single oven is perfect if there's one or two of you and can be fitted under the counter or built into a tower unit
  • A double oven is great for family cooking and baking. The top oven is usually smaller than the larger main oven
  • If you've a large family or entertain a lot, consider a design that will fit in two single ovens to give you the maximum cooking capacity

Cooking options

  • Fan cooking distributes heat more evenly so you can cook using lower temperatures and more quickly, saving you money and time
  • Multi-function cooking combines grill, fan, conventional or microwave cooking into one single oven – perfect if space is at a premium
  • Steam cooking cooks more evenly and enhances flavours and textures. Delivers heat more effectively so you can cook at lower temperatures

Cleaning options

  • Easy cleaning enamel lining makes it quick and simple to wipe away grease and spillages from the oven’s interior
  • With steam cleaning, a special pre-set programme helps you to loosen food residue inside the oven for easier cleaning
  • Self-cleaning catalytic liners have a special coating that oxidises grease and residue when heated to 200°C
  • Pyrolytic cleaning heats the oven up to 500°C. Food residue is turned to ash for you to simply wipe clean

Range cookers

  • A variety of designs from leading brands Rangemaster and Leisure
  • Available in 90cm, 100cm or 110cm widths
  • There is also a wide variety of colours, and trims are available in Chrome or Brass
  • Choose from electric, which has an induction or ceramic hob and electric ovens, or dual fuel, which offers a gas hob and electric ovens
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A traditional choice that provides controlled cooking with instant heat and flexibility. All gas hobs feature a flame safety device.

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The fastest, safest and most energy-efficient way to cook, heating the pan directly with no pre-heat required.

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Dual fuel

Get the best of both worlds with our dual fuel hob. Choose whether to use gas or electric, depending on what you're cooking.

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Add a wok burner next to your induction hob for perfect stir fries.

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Installed seamlessly, helping to create open living and cooking spaces, and leaving your walls free for additional shelving or cupboards.

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Make your island the real focus of the kitchen with an island hood, combining practicality with the elegant design statement of a centrepiece light.

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Streamlined and elegant, a designer hood will bring a bold and unique feel to your kitchen.

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From traditional to ultra-modern styles, these designs will create a stunning statement piece.

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Compact appliances


Compact ovens & microwaves

Powerful performance in a small design. Offers the same great cooking performance and features as the full size equivalent.

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Coffee machines

Enjoy the luxury of authentic Italian espressos, milky lattes and foamy cappuccinos in your own home.

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Sous vide drawers

The AEG Vacuum Sealer Drawer lets you apply the professional sous vide cooking method at home.

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Warming drawers

Keep your dishes at the perfect temperature, ready to bring to the table, and can also be used to prove dough.

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  • Integrated washing machines - integrate your appliance so it will have the same door as all the rest of your cabinets, fitting into your kitchen seamlessly
  • Washer dryers - these space-saving models are a standard built-in size, but they can still wash large loads and dry items up to 4kg
  • Freestanding washing machines - these can give you design flexibility whilst increasing load capacity
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Standard width

Standard 60cm width - ideal for a larger capacity, flexible racking and have a number of specialist programmes.


Slimline width

Slimline 45cm width - perfect for saving space in your kitchen, and you won’t lose any functionality or energy efficiency


Extra features

Some models have features like a light which beams the time left onto the floor, or a door that opens at the end of the cycle to let your load dry naturally.



The unique AEG ComfortLift® dishwasher lets you gently slide and lift the lower basket upwards for ease of loading and unloading.




Our fridges can be integrated and we have a variety of capacities to suit any kitchen size.

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Frost-free freezers will ensure that the appliances are as efficient as possible.

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Fridge freezers

Choose a 50:50 or 70:30 split to suit your requirements. There’s also the option of one of our freestanding American fridge freezers.

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Wine coolers

Optimum storage ensures your wine tastes better for longer by protecting it from heat, light and humidity.

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