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SuperFOIL SF40BB Breathable Multifoil Insulation Roll 1500mm x
The highest performing breathable Multifoil available, SuperFOIL SF40BB comprises 19 layers of top grade material carefully selected to create a breathable insulation that delivers optimum results. SF40BB provides a radiant barrier, insulation and water resistant, breathable membrane all in one ...Read more
SuperFOIL SF60FR Multifoil Insulation Roll 1500mm x 8m
The Multifoil with the highest thermal performance on the market, SuperFOIL SF60FR is comprised of 55 layers including reinforced heavy duty double-foil outer layers, thermo-foam separation layers and wadding. SF60FR provides a 3-in-1 insulation solution with radiant barrier, vapour control ...Read more
SuperFOIL SFTV1L 2-in-1 Reflective Aluminium Membrane 1200mm x
SuperFOIL SFTV1L is a high performance vapour control layer (VCL) and radiant barrier. Ideal for use as dry lining directly behind the finishing layer (such as plasterboard), SFTV1L minimizes the amount of warm moist air from inside the home entering ...Read more
Wickes P Profile Rubber Draught Seal Brown -
Long Life Self-adhesive seal for draught proofing gaps of 3mm to 5mm around doors and windows. A simple and cost-effective way of saving energy and money by reducing heat loss and preventing draughts.Read more