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Wickes 10mm Tile Backer Board Floor Kit -
These tile backer boards are great for cladding your floors before tile installation. They help to waterproof your surface, in turn protection it from moisture and damp. The before and after images show you how beneficial they are. Please note ...Read more
Wickes Black Fast Flow Shower Tray Waste -
The Wickes 90mm Black Fast Flow Shower Tray Waste has a modern design, it drains up to 52 litres of water per minute. Team up with our range of black shower trays.Read more
Wickes General Purpose Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) Board
The General Purpose Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is a versatile non-structural interior MDF board free of natural defects. The board is lighter, making it useful for multiple applications. It is also ideal for painting.Read more
Wickes Linear 30mm Wetroom Shower Tray with Centre
Wetrooms will now be an easy adventure to embark on with these linear shower trays, as the name suggests, the trays are offered to you with acentre or end position drain. The drain is so cleverly designed that you will ...Read more