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VELUX Windows
Transform your home with VELUX windows, designed to bring in plenty of natural light and fresh air. VELUX roof windows are perfect for extensions and loft conversions, finished seamlessly with our range of flashings and accessories. Experience the beauty and functionality of VELUX windows, designed to enhance your everyday living.
Top Hung Roof Windows
The top hung roof window is an ideal solution of low pitch roofs as the window opens from the bottom outwards. Perfect for maximising daylight which fills the room because the sash does not encroach on valuable internal living space.
Centre Pivot Roof Windows
Our attractive Centre Pivot Roof Windows are a durable and cost-effective option. Easily operated by a top handle for comfortable control of light and ventilation. Great easy-fit and thermally efficent features as standard, for a simple fast and warmer installation.
Flat Roof Windows
Our Flat Roof Window is a durable, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing option for properties with flat or near flat roofs, allowing natural light to stream into the space below.
Fire Escape Roof Windows
The means of escape roof window  opens outward to 45 degrees in compliance with Statutory Regulations. Perfect for maximising daylight which fills the room because the sash does not encroach on valuable internal living space. 
Flashings & Accessories
Suitable for Wickes roof windows, Wickes aluminium flashings incorporated a polyester powder coated finish giving enhanced protection from the elements and UV rays. Options for Tile and Slate roofs are easily fitted to provide a watertight seal around the window.

Roof windows provide a stylish and practical addition to any home, allowing for plenty of natural light and ventilation in converted lofts and living spaces. We have a wide selection of roof windows and accessories to help you find the right fit for your project.

Centre pivot roof windows are an attractive, durable and cost-effective option. Our range includes a variety of sizes and colours such as natural pine or white, as well as options from Velux to suit projects and budgets of any size.

Top hung roof windows open outwards from the bottom to avoid encroaching on your living space. This makes them ideal for low pitched roofs and compact loft spaces, so you can still let in plenty of natural daylight.

If your home doesn’t have a slanted roof, a flat roof window can be a great way to get light into the space below. We have an array of flat roof Velux windows that are beautiful and functional, including access and escape units and those with smoke ventilation systems.

Fire escape roof windows add an additional level of safety to your home or workplace. Opening outward to 45 degrees in compliance with statutory regulations, they provide an easy means escape in the event of an emergency.

To keep your roof windows protected from the elements, we have an array of roof window flashings and accessories available to suit multiple Velux windows sizes. Give your windows an extra decorative touch and control natural light levels with our range of Velux window blinds. Available in a large choice of colours from natural cream to midnight blue and mustard, find the perfect blackout roller for a great night’s sleep.