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AEG thrive upon innovations that give you the ultimate feeling of mastery in your cooking, home and laundry care. We see your needs of today - and foresee the ones of tomorrow - so you can achieve results that don’t just meet your standards, but exceed them. We are AEG. And together with you, we are always an idea ahead.


Take taste further with AEG

Brimming with the latest technology, AEG ovens allow you to create exceptional meals with ease.

Whether you are a budding baker, passionate chef or eager barista, AEG cooking appliances have been designed to give you delicious results, whatever your skill level.

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AEG oven features

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AEG Connected SteamCrisp Oven BSK978330M

Take your dishes to the next level with the SteamCrisp oven. How? Traditional oven heat is enhanced by the introduction of steam. So not only do you get crisp and golden the outside, but thanks to the gentle flavour preserving nature of steam food is juicy, succulent and consistently tasty on the inside.

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AEG Connected Combination Oven with Microwave KMK968000M

The CombiQuick oven is the faster way to exceptional flavours and exciting dishes, combining hot air fan cooking with the speed of a microwave to give you the mouthwatering finish and textures of a conventional oven in one compact space. From now on, time is no longer an obstacle to taste.

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AEG SurroundCook Double Tower Stainless Steel Electric Oven DCK731110M

Achieving even results time after time demands precisely controlled heat, distributed consistently throughout your oven. Unlike standard ovens, the SurroundCook oven's advanced fan technology ensures that every part of your dish is getting exactly the heat it needs. Evenly. Consistently. Wherever it's placed. Whether it's one dish or several. No more turning dishes halfway through cooking. Just the results that meet your expectations. Every time.

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More AEG cooking appliances



AEG microwave ovens are fully built-in with a design alignment with our ovens. They have an intuitive touchscreen control panel that features a simple wipe-clean surface. The touch-sensitive panel lets you change functions and timings in seconds too.

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Warming drawers

Keep every dish warm until the moment of serving with one of our AEG warming drawers. Keen bakers can also put a warming drawer to use, as they're great for proving dough.

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Coffee machines

Make perfect espressos, lattes and cappuccinos at home with an integrated coffee machine with its own built-in bean grinder and milk steamer.

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Induction hobs

Take your cooking to the next level with our induction hobs. They are safe, easy to take care of and their temperature control is one of a kind.

The Benefits of Induction Induction hobs heat quicker than other hobs, allowing you to increase the speed at which you cook. Our induction hobs have sensitive touch controls that take you from cool to hot - and back - immediately, so you can ensure your dishes come off the heat the instant you need them to.

Precise heat, impeccable results Make achieving precise, professional results simple. Vary the heat from intense to delicate in a moment. So you can create crispy, seared salmon as successfully as you melt smooth, silky chocolate.

Cooler surface, safer kitchen Our intelligent induction technology heats pans and the food in them, but nothing else. The surface around the pans stays cool. So nothing gets burnt on, and the sleek, flat surface means there's nowhere for dirt to hide.

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Popular products


AEG 80cm Induction Hob With PureHob IPE84531FB

The AEG Pure 3 hob combines a sleek, seamless design with responsive functions. Ebony glass blends seamlessly with the worktop. Its cooking zones and controls are invisible until your fingertips bring them to life. Transform the kitchen and turn cooking into a true pleasure.

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AEG 60cm Induction Hob with SenseBoil IAE64411FB

There are more exciting things to do than watching water boil. Let the SenseBoil® induction hob assist. It detects rising bubbles and automatically reduces to a low simmer. No more constant monitoring. So the focus can be on what matters most. Fine-tuning those flavours. Mastering that menu.

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AEG Built in ComboHob with Hob2Hood IDK84453IB

ComboHob MultiBridge brings a powerful induction hob and and extraction fan together into one masterful product. Kitchen design is no longer restricted as to where an overhead hood can be placed. Experience design freedom, with the convenience of a hybrid hob.

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Gas hobs

Cook to perfection. With a gas hob, you get full control of temperature and time, to master your cooking to the full.

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AEG 75cm Gas on Glass Hob HKB75450NB

The AEG gas hob with FlameLight adds a new level of safety and confidence to cooking with gas. The bright LED lights tell you at a glance if a burner is turned on or off, and if a pan support is still hot after use. So you can concentrate on making great-tasting food.

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AEG 90cm Stainless Steel Gas Hob HGB95522YM

Gas StepPower - now the flames can be regulated precisely in 9 power levels delivering repetitive great results, every time. No more guess work. No need to bend down to see the flame level.

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All of our cooker hoods remove steam and vapours from your kitchen, fast. But that’s where the similarities end. Choose a hood that perfectly complements your taste – make a bold statement with a design like our Skylight hood, or weave a discreet model seamlessly into your kitchen.

We use advanced technology to ensure that the design and build of our cooker hoods give you the optimum combination of high-end design and powerful functionality.

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Popular products


AEG Gemini 66cm Island Chandelier Hood Black DLE0630B

No longer a traditional hood, but aesthetics and technology at the service of innovation. Gemini's linear design is combined with an ultra compact aspiration system where filtering, controls and lights are encompassed in less than 20cm in height.

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AEG Outline 90cm Island Chandelier Hood Chrome DLE0970M

No longer a traditional hood, but aesthetics and technology at the service of innovation. Outline's sleek design is combined with an ultra compact aspiration system where filtering, controls and lights are encompassed in less than 20cm in height.

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AEG Hob2Hood 71cm Black Designer Chimney Hood DVE5671HG

With its rectangular shape, this vertical hood will add a distinctive look and feel to your kitchen. In addition to its striking design, the hood features powerful air-quality technology to efficiently keep kitchen air clean, even in large spaces.

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Lock in your food’s freshness by choosing a refrigerator that truly meets your needs. There are several factors to consider when selecting a new fridge. Kitchen space, your shopping habits and intelligent features of the fridge all influence your choice of appliance.

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Choosing the right fridge for you


Size & capacity

Full-size AEG fridges are over 150cm in height, and standard models reach about 80cm.

100 - 150L – suits a household of 1-2 people.
150 - 250L – works well for 3-4 people.
250L+ – ideal for households of 5 or more.

Top tip: leave some empty space in the fridge so the air can circulate for efficient cooling.



  • Optimum temperature – the Coolmatic function quickly chills your fresh groceries to the right temperature
  • Consistent climate – DynamicAir technology keeps the temperature even throughout the fridge
  • Secure storage for heavy items – look for a fridge with extra strong safety glass shelves
  • Customised storage – the CustomFlex® modular system allows you to rearrange the door compartments
  • Holiday mode – maintains internal temperature at 15ºC when you are away, preventing odours in the empty fridge

Food storage

  • Fresh fruit & vegetables – look for fridges with salad crispers and deep drawers for large vegetables
  • Meat & fish – a model with an extra-fresh compartment will keep meat and fish fresh for longer
  • Delicate dairy – check if the fridge has a closed container on the door, designed for storing the most flavoursome dairy
  • Drinks – consider wine racks, adjustable shelves to fit bottles or even a built-in wine cooler

Popular products


AEG Side by Side Fridge Freezer RMB76111NX

This LED display with advanced touch controls lets you take full control of the storage conditions of your food. The controls are so sensitive that they can be precisely adjusted with just the lightest touch of a finger, while feedback can be viewed at a glance thanks to the clear LED screen on the internal control panel.

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AEG Side by Side Fridge Freezer RMB96716CX

Whether ingredients need chilling or freezing, select the optimal temperature with the MultiSwitch drawer. Positioned between the fridge and the freezer, this independent compartment can be set from -18° to 7°. It has complete flexibility to preserve every item in the ideal conditions.

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AEG Frost Free Upright Freezer ABK818E6NC

Take complete command of every freezer function with electronic touch control. The panel and LED display offer effortless access to temperature and general settings. Fine-tune everything with precision for superior food storage.

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It's not just about the food - the style of cutlery and plates affect our perceptions of what we eat. A dark chocolate dish looks best when served on an angular plate, while a round plate is better for cheesecake. So you need a range of tableware that complements your food presentation and can be cared for in the most efficient way.

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The ComfortLift® dishwasher is the first of its kind to gently slide the lower basket up for easy, ergonomic loading and unloading. That means less bending down, to make your life more comfortable.



Uses natural airflow to finish the drying. By automatically opening the door by 10cm in the last part of the cycle, you will get maximum drying performance while effectively reducing your energy costs - leaving your dishes spotless.

Popular products


AEG Connected Comfortlift Dishwasher FSK83828P

ComfortLift® revolutionises dishwashing with the world’s first lift-and-load basket. This advanced mechanism lifts the rack up to a comfortable height. For easy loading and unloading. Elevating the dishwasher to a whole new level.

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AEG 60cm Integrated Dishwasher FSK52617Z

The GlassCare System in the advanced AEG dishwasher offers specialist care for glassware throughout the cleaning process. The unique SoftGrip feature ensures that the stem and foot of every glass are held gently but firmly in exactly the right position throughout the duration of the programme.

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Achieve that seamless look with our integrated washing machines, which feature the same wide variety of functionalities as our freestanding ones.

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Popular products


AEG 10kg Freestanding Washing Machine L7FEC146R

Maintaining your professional look day to day should be effortless. Our ProSteam® technology means that your shirts look sharp for longer by enabling you to reduce creases by up to one third. Cutting down on dry-cleaning and ironing means less wear on fibres. Keeping your clothes looking and feeling impeccable, every day.

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AEG 9kg Freestanding Washer Dryer L7WEE965R

The new Kombi washer dryer with DualSense Technology tailors the temperature and drum motion to different fabrics and adjusts programmes to the specific load. Everything from textured jackets to soft jumpers can be carefully washed, dried and protected in one go.

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AEG 8kg Integrated Washer Dryer L7WC8632BI

AEG’s built-in 7000 washer dryer integrates with other appliances, runs quietly and provides total care for delicate fabrics. DualSense tailors the temperature and motion of the drum to each load, washing and drying them in one cycle. Minimising the need for dry-cleaning and handwashing.

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AEG Connected


With our range of connected appliances, AEG is focused in creating unique experiences for our consumers, whether that is delicious recipes and guidance to take your cooking to the next level or tips and customised care to keep your clothes looking fresher for longer. So feel more in control whether at home or elsewhere with monitoring, remote control, voice commands, images, and more in your connected AEG experience.

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Popular products


AEG Single Oven SteamPro Connected BSK798380B

Monitor your soufflé rising. Check on your bread getting a crispy crust. All without taking time away from entertaining your guests. The CookView® oven gives you a snapshot from the oven to your mobile device. You do not even have to be in the kitchen in order to be in control.

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AEG Connected Combi Microwave Oven Black KMK768080B

The Combi Microwave Oven gives you the option to combine heating function and microwave mode together so you receive great taste in up to half the time.

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AEG Connected Frost Free MultiSwitch American Fridge Freezer RMB96719CX

Manage your fridge from your phone with My AEG Kitchen App. Select a temperature that chills or freezes with the MultiSwitch drawer. Independent cooling system in the fridge prevents food from drying out.

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Terms & conditions

*Free AEG integrated dishwasher when you buy 3 or more AEG appliances: Offer applies when you buy 3 or more AEG appliances on the same order. Choose from either: AEG 60cm integrated dishwasher model FSK52617Z | 205977 or AEG 45cm integrated dishwasher model FSE72507P | 231726. Offer ends 28th February 2022.