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Cooking inspires people, and people inspire us. This is the basic principle behind everything we do at NEFF. So, let nothing get in the way of your cooking ideas. Our innovative products help you to prepare mouthwatering food - whether it's a four-course dinner or a dessert you just can't get enough of - a NEFF kitchen is equipped for every dish.


Ovens for every cookaholic

At NEFF, we appreciate that every customer has a unique set of requirements. We’ve done our best to make our oven range as varied as possible to suit every kitchen.

There are three types of ovens in the NEFF collection: single, double and compact ovens.

Achieve a premium and seamless kitchen by combining a single Slide&Hide® Oven with a compact appliance from the same collection.

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Ovens & compact appliance features


Slide&Hide® - see some magic and discover our disappearing door

The NEFF Slide&Hide® oven door is simply brilliant. This unique door fits smoothly under the oven to give plenty of room, as well as better access to the oven’s interior – ensuring an easy and flexible approach to cooking. Recognising our customers’ need for maximum cooking space, our full-sized single ovens are now even larger with a 71-litre capacity.


CircoTherm® - cook a three-course meal on multiple levels at the same time

With CircoTherm® you can cook your casserole, Cajun chicken, and chocolate cheesecake all at the same time. The high-speed targeted airflow ensures that your dishes stay distinct with no intermingling of flavours. For a fast and easy family feast.

Pyrolytic self-cleaning - after the Sunday roast comes the cleaning have Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning. Because with it, scrubbing the oven becomes a thing of the past. Select the function and let it disintegrate all the spatterings and drippings into ash. Giving you more time to clear away the dishes, or better yet, why not take a short break? When the oven has cooled, wipe off the ash and presto, your oven is spick and span again. A special bonus - it's chemical-free.


ShiftControl - cooking should be intuitive

ShiftControl is ideal for those cooks who prefer the convenience of a traditional rocker switch. Switch between oven settings at the touch of a button. Our medium and small TFT screens also feature a colour display for even easier operation.

Popular products


NEFF Single Oven with Home Connect B57CS24H0B

  • Slide&Hide® door
  • Home Connect - rediscover your kitchen with our WiFi-enabled smart home appliances
  • Pyrolytic cleaning
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NEFF Compact Oven with Microwave C17MS32H0B

  • Home Connect - rediscover your kitchen with our WiFi-enabled smart home appliances
  • EcoClean catalytic cleaning
  • TFT display
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NEFF Single Oven with Home Connect B47CS34H0B

  • Home Connect - rediscover your kitchen with our WiFi-enabled smart home appliances
  • EcoClean catalytic cleaning
  • TFT display
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The right hob for every cooking style

A great meal is all about the ingredients. And it’s the same when it comes to cooking and choosing the right hob. You can reclaim space in your kitchen and extract steam and smells at the source with the NEFF Venting Hob. Or pick one of our innovative gas or fast induction hobs.

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Gas vs induction


Induction - fast and flexible

Are you fond of exploring new and untried recipes and tastes? Our range of induction hobs lets you indulge each and every second of the cooking experience. Induction hobs are not only efficient but are easy to clean and follow a minimalist design. Our FlexInduction hobs also allow you to move your cookware freely around on the hob. The pots are automatically detected and heat applied where it's needed. An Induction hob will boil a pan of water almost twice as fast as a gas hob.


Gas - ingenious flames

For some cooks, there's nothing like preparing meals with flames. Our gas hob range provides you with the tool you need, no matter if you want stir-fry or slow-cook. Our 9-level FlameSelect® allows you to adjust the flame just like on an electric hob, making cooking even easier. With a range of sizes available, our hobs are ready for almost any kind of pot you can think of.

Popular products


NEFF N90 80cm Venting Induction Hob with Home Connect T58TL6EN2

  • Powerful induction hob
  • Integrated extractor
  • Home Connect - rediscover your kitchen with our WiFi-enabled smart home appliances
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NEFF N70 90cm 5 Zone Induction Hob Black T59FT50X0

  • Removable TwistPad® control
  • 2 flex and 5 zones
  • 17 power settings on each zone
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NEFF N90 90cm 5 Burner Gas Hob Black T29TA79N0

  • Ceramic glass
  • 4 gas burners and 1 wok burner
  • 9-step FlameSelect®
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Extractor hoods - powerful yet quiet

It's amazing when a steak is sizzling in your pan, and the smell is part of an exciting cooking experience. But there are some kitchen odours nobody is too fond of. Enter NEFF's quiet but powerful extractor hoods. Choose between different sizes and models like the Chimney hood or Island hood - fresh air is guaranteed.

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Popular products


NEFF 90cm Touch Control Stainless Steel Downdraft Hood D95DAP8N0B

  • Disappears into the worktop when not in use
  • Electronic control
  • Quiet operation
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NEFF 90cm Ceiling Hood with Home Connect I95CAQ6N0B

  • Home Connect connectivity
  • Control the hood directly from the hob
  • Remote control with dimmer function
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NEFF 60cm Designer Black & Stainless Steel Cooker Hood D65IHM1S0B

  • Sleek black glass design
  • Touch control LED display
  • LED light
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Fridges & freezers for food lovers

Fresh, seasonal ingredients are a staple in any NEFF kitchen. That’s why the right food storage is so important: all NEFF models can cope with the demands of a hungry family, keep your your fruit and vegetables fresh and vibrant for longer, and integrate seamlessly into kitchen furniture.

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Fridge features


NoFrost - end of the ice age

NoFrost makes defrosting a thing of the past. The freezer takes care of defrosting itself, regularly removing any frost that accumulates. As a cook with a never ending list of new ideas and favourite old recipes, you’ll have no trouble making best use of your extra me-time.


FreshSafe - keep it fresh

Provides the perfect solution for weekly grocery shoppers. Preserving food for up to three times as long as a conventional salad drawer, market fresh ingredients stay fresher for longer by locking in nutrients – helping you save money on the food shop.

Popular products


NEFF Integrated Fridge Freezer KI5872SE0G

  • LowFrost reduces frost in the freezer compartment for faster defrosting
  • 1 x FreshSafe drawer with humidity control retains freshness for longer
  • BigBox: an abundance of storage space even for large and bulky items
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NEFF Integrated Tower Fridge KI1812SF0G

  • Supercool function with automatic deactivation
  • 7 safety glass shelves
  • 6 door bins
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Dishwashers to suit every cookaholic

Our dishwashers are designed with cookaholics in mind. That means that even the most bubbled-over oven dishes, baked on ramekins and caramelised grill pans will still come out beautifully clean. Our range of dishwashers is available in two sizes, 45 and 60cm, to suit individual requirements and the size of your kitchen.

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Dishwasher features


Door Open Assist - a gentle push is enough

Door Open Assist invites you to open the door of your dishwasher without ever fiddling with a handle. Light pressure is enough to open the front a gap wide and let you take it from there. Our smooth assistant is a harmonious match for true handleless kitchens and J-Pull kitchen designs.


Zeolith - doesn't Zeolith sound like an intriguing secret?

Minerals naturally absorb moisture and turn it into heat - on any surface. Forget still-wet dishes, damp non-glass items or proper drops on a lid, Zeolith creates heat as long as there is moisture. Take out shiny, clean and dry dishes that don’t need to be tweaked but stir up new creativity for your next cooking adventure.

Popular products


NEFF 60cm Built-In Dishwasher with Home Connect S187ECX23G

  • Home Connect - rediscover your kitchen with our WiFi-enabled smart home appliances
  • Flex 2 Baskets with many adaptable, foldable elements for convenient loading
  • Flex Drawer - a third loading level for cutlery
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NEFF 45cm Built-In Dishwasher with Home Connect S875HKX20G

  • Home Connect - rediscover your kitchen with our WiFi-enabled smart home appliances
  • Rack-Matic flexible baskets
  • A light projected on the floor shows that the dishwasher is on
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Washers and washer dryers designed to fit into your life

Expect more from your washing machine than just clean and crisp laundry. All NEFF washing machines treat your clothes with the care they deserve through innovative programmes and features. The LED display makes it even easier to use and additionally NEFF washers are also among the best in their class for efficiency and performance. So you can spend more time on the things you really enjoy and like.

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TimeLight - a few things in life are simply meant to be clear

The Time Light is pivotal among these everyday clarifiers: our smart little helper projects the remaining time as well as the ongoing process of the programme on any type of floor in front of the fully integrated washing machine. No more guessing and puzzling, clear-cut numbers show the programme status and remaining time until the acoustic and visual signal that the programme is over.


Reload function - be kind to yourself and smile

Those forgotten items can be added to your washing load even after it has started. The Reload Function determines if you can open the door without going back to the start. And in case you remember that another item shouldn’t be in there, the Reload Function is your friend as well: pause the washing cycle by pressing the Start/Pause button again.

Popular products


NEFF Integrated Washing Machine W544BX1GB

  • The time remaining in the program is projected onto the floor
  • Reload function lets you add items even after the programme has started
  • Optimised water consumption during washing cycle
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NEFF Integrated Washer Dryer V6540X2GB

  • LED display
  • 15 programmes
  • 24 hour time delay
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Home Connect

Home Connect helps you to unleash your cooking creativity by allowing you to manage your NEFF home appliances anywhere. Tap via the app, speak to your oven with voice control, and make appliances interact with one another automatically. Home Connect is an ever-growing platform that brings the future to your kitchen.

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A world of inspiration

If cooking is your thing, it’s about to get easier. The Home Connect app lets you monitor and control your appliances no matter where you are. Preheat the oven, start the coffee machine, or let the oven send you notifications when dinner is ready. Home Connect puts it all at your fingertips. And with a bank of inspiring ideas and recipes tailored for cookaholics that love original and fresh cooking, there’s really something for everyone.


Remote diagnostics

In the unlikely event that one of your Home Connect appliances develops a fault, Remote Diagnostics is here to help. You can get assistance immediately over the phone, or our service engineers can use the Remote Diagnostics service to access your home appliance remotely, providing direct support and a solution to the problem. Worried about security? Don’t be. All our connections use SSL, meaning that the communication between Home Connect appliances and anywhere else is always encrypted.

Smart appliances


Ovens - discover a whole new way of cooking

Need ideas? Get your inspiration from a world of recipes that have been created for your oven. Just add your choice to the electronic shopping list and let the oven pick the setting and do the pre-heating for you. And with your hands full kneading dough, it’s more than handy to start your NEFF oven and select the relevant function hands-free via voice control.

Home Connect ovens

Coffee machines - be your own barista

Just say the word and your coffee will be ready in no time. With Coffee World, you can choose from many different styles and discover different coffee recipes from all over the world. You can even create a playlist of the coffees your friends want to drink – which will then be brewed hands-free.

Home Connect coffee machines

Hoods - keep your eyes on the cooking

For those great, open kitchens, try our fully automatic hood. Our cooktop-based Hood Control and Automatic Air Sensor make sure that when you turn on your hob, the hood is automatically activated too. The Home Connect app will also let you know when your filter needs replacing. Let the odours get whisked away so that you can focus on your cooking.

Home Connect hoods

Dishwashers - our smart dishwashers

Dishwashing is made easy with Home Connect. Use Easy Start to find the right mode for your dirty dishes and let Tab Counter keep track of how many tablets you’ve got left – also reminding you to restock when you’re down to the last few! With NEFF dishwashers being so quiet, the Home Connect app can also help notify you when the dishwasher cycle has finished.

Home Connect dishwashers