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New research suggests DIY can boost mental and physical well-being and found that for the majority of Brits, watching paint dry isn’t actually boring at all, as 58% say they enjoy watching and checking on it.

We teamed up with a leading neuroscientist to understand how DIY can help counter anxiety, stress and improve well-being.

Neuroscientist Dr Jack Lewis said: “Various pieces of evidence suggest that both undertaking and watching DIY is a relaxing experience. Meditation in its purest form is about living in the moment, being present and focusing on the task in hand - and DIY allows exactly that."

We conducted a survey and asked 1,500 participants how they felt about DIY. The results of our survey revealed:

86% of participants said doing some form of DIY has been beneficial to their well-being and eased anxieties.

DIY or home improvement topped the poll for most satisfying activities at 51% of the vote. This came above yoga (30%) and playing sport (26%).

82% of those surveyed revealed that saving money by undertaking DIY tasks themselves improved their sense of well-being.

Even watching DIY is relaxing. Around half of the participants (45%) said watching DIY footage made them feel more relaxed, while one in ten (9%) also admitted that sounds including mixing the paste and cutting the wallpaper helped them unwind.

Neuroscientist Dr Jack Lewis continues: “The 20-minute video aims to encourage a sense of calm for the viewer. Studies suggest that mindfulness or meditation for that length of time daily can result in better mind management after 12 weeks."

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