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A bug hotel provides a safe haven for all sorts of bugs in your garden, and it’s a project that can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want it to be. As well as bringing in beneficial insects to your outdoor areas and giving them a safe space, they also provide a handy use for spare or leftover materials and stops them from going to waste.

Get closer to nature
  • While they’re beneficial for insects, they’re also good additions for people too. For little ones, they provide an opportunity to get closer to nature and learn about how balanced ecosystems and biodiversity work.
  • It also teaches children not to be afraid of insects, giving them a better understanding of their role in our ecosystem and what they’re bringing to your garden.
  • They can help to supplement the increase in loss of natural habitats, providing refuge to insects so that they can nest and hibernate without the risk of having their home destroyed.
  • Giving a home to bugs that are losing their natural habitat helps to ensure that they can continue to survive and thrive.
Pest control
  • Many of the insects that your hotel can attract are beneficial, and one of these benefits is free natural pest control that saves the need for chemical solutions.
  • Creatures such as ladybirds will help deal with any aphids in your garden so that your plant life stays strong and healthy.
  • Other types of beneficial bugs are the pollinators. Solitary bees pollinate plants in your garden, including everything from ornamental flowers to food crops.
  • It’s not just bees either – a variety of other insects also fill this role including beetles, butterflies and more.

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