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10 tips to get your home and garden Winter ready


Draught proof your home

As the days begin to get shorter and colder, it’s a good idea to start preparing your home for the Winter months. First on your list should be to make sure your home is draught free, as the wind will sneak through any crack in a door frame! Pick up a draught excluder from Wickes today and fit it with ease by using our ‘How To’ guide.


Check windows are sealed and secure

Check window frames for damage and fill any cracks with sealant if needs be. You might even want to put another coat of paint on the window sill; untreated wood can expand and rot in wet weather and extreme temperatures, so treating it before Winter can prevent unnecessary damage. As a finishing touch, add a Yale window lock to make sure those Christmas presents are kept safe!


Get smart with your thermostat system

No one likes to walk into a cold house - control your heating from your smartphone or tablet with a Hive Thermostat System to make sure you thaw out as soon as you step through the door. You can also use it to keep your heating on a minimum setting when you’re not around during the Winter months to help prevent pipes freezing. It’s a must-have for saving both energy and money.


Invest in underfloor heating

With the cold weather around the corner it’s the perfect time to start indoor projects. Add some warmth to your surroundings this Winter with dark flooring in the living room or bedroom. Take that cosy feeling one step further and invest in some underfloor heating – a treat for chilly toes!


Add fuel to your fire

If underfloor heating isn’t enough to keep the cold at bay, stock up with fuel for the fire for those extra cold evenings – Wickes has a range of environmentally friendly options that will keep the embers burning and provide warm nights until Spring arrives again. Stock up before the first frost!


Check insulation

Around a quarter of heat in your house is lost through the roof, so insulating the loft is a good place to begin. Wickes has the products and know how to guide you through the process in easy to follow steps. Cavity wall insulation is also worth considering before the cold weather sets in. It’ll keep the cold out and the party noise in!


Inspect your pipes

Take preventative action to avoid an unfortunate burst in January; Identify, fix and protect any “problem” pipes that are prone to freezing when the temperatures plummet. As an added measure, ensure everyone in the family knows how to turn off the water at the source to minimise damage if a pipe does burst.


Get the guestroom ready

New season, new colour - with the wintery nights, make your home warm and welcoming with a rich paint colour. If you’d rather something a little different, give your house the wow factor in time for Christmas - Wickes has an exciting new range of wall murals and designer wallpaper to choose from.


Prepare pathways

Avoid slips and trips by clearing away the last of the Autumn leaves and other debris from paths and driveways with a Garden Vac. Be sure to stock up with salt for when the Great British weather really kicks in.


Give the garden one last tidy

Make the most of any milder days and head for the garden. Lawn edges and planted trees will keep their shape at this time of year as growing slows down, but prune and repair with a good pair of hedge shears to keep them looking tidy. Weather permitting, grab a garden fork too and carry on digging over beds to work the soil and keep those weeds away. Finally, time for one last lick of Creocote to stop your fences getting worn and torn from the cold weather - give them some TLC before locking up the shed!