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Ikopro Universal Roof Repair Compound - 1kg
IKOpro Universal Roof Repair Compound is a thick and flexible repair mastic, reinforced with fibres. It is perfect for localised roof repairs and is suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures. It forms an ideal preparation for further ...Read more
Sika Accelerator Rapid Hardening Admixture - 5L
Sika Accelerator is a cold weather and rapid hardening admixture for mortars, screeds and renders. Provides frost protection in the wet mortar during the setting period even in sub-zero temperatures, as well as allowing faster finishing times in the cold ...Read more
Sika Bond SBR+ Waterproof Bonding Agent and Mortar
Sika Bond SBR+ is a one component, water based, general purpose, styrene butadiene rubber emulsion bonding agent and mortar admixture. When diluted with water it produces a gauging solution for improved adhesion, workability and waterproofing of mortars and cementitious mixes. ...Read more
Sika Wintermix Chloride Free Admix & Frostproofer -
Sika Wintermix is a chloride free, winter working admixture for concrete that is suitable for use with steel reinforcement. Allows mortars and concretes to be used even at sub-zero temperatures and eliminates the need for a separate frost proofer.Read more