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IKOpro Solvent Free Waterproofer Repair 5L
IKOpro Solvent Free Water Proofer is an easy to use bitumen based emulsion for roofs. The product can be used as a waterproofing coating on asphalt, fibre cement sheeting, concrete, and bituminous roofing membranes.Read more
Ikopro Solar Reflective Aluminium Paint - Silver 5L
IKOpro Solar Reflective Aluminium Paint is a solar-reflective roof paint for application to bituminous roof systems. It is specifically formulated to protect against the effects of UV and heat ageing, and therefore helps prolong the life of the roof.Read more
Ikopro Universal Flat Roof Renovator - 5L
IKOpro Flat Roof Renovator is a flexible bituminous coating containing reinforcing fibres and designed for easy application to protect and prolong the life of existing roofing systems.Read more
Knauf Fill and Finish Light 5kg
This Fill and Finish lite from Knauf is an easy-working product for fast and smooth joint finishing. Lightweight ready-mixed compound for bedding tapes and finishing joints in drywall partitions and ceilings. It provides maximum coverage ensuring very low shrinkage and ...Read more