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Flexseal AC6000 Flexible Drain Coupling - Black 180-200
Flexseal EPDM Rubber Grade 304 Stainless Steel Adaptor Coupling 180-200/160-180mm AC6000.Read more
FloPlast AX110B 110mm Black Push-Fit Air Admittance Valve
FloPlast AX110B 110mm Black Push-Fit Air Admiitance Valve is used for venting soil stacks allowing the soil stack to be terminated outside the home.Read more
FloPlast D95 Drain Adaptor to Connect 32mm, 40mm
32mm, 40mm and 50mm waste pipes can be connected directly to a surface water drain or, depending on the design via, a gully trap to the underground drainage system.Read more
FloPlast RVM1B Miniflo Downpipe Rainwater Diverter - Black
Kit provides all the components needed for easy collection of rainwater from 50mm downpipes for use in the garden and elsewhere.Read more