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Guttering & Drainage

Repair and replace your existing guttering and drainage systems with Wickes. Choose from styles including Roundline, Squareline, and Mini-Fit Guttering systems.

Wickes Round Line Guttering has a rounded profile, compatible with most existing metal or plastic guttering systems. 

GuideRoundline Guttering

Squareline Guttering
Wickes Square Line Guttering is a standard type of guttering with a clean, angular, square profile.
Underground Drainage

Wickes Underground Drainage products includes piping sections and accessories for underground drains.

GuideUnderground Drainage

Channel Drainage
Channel Drainage provides an efficient and direct run off, away from your driveway or patio feature. 
Soil & Vent

Our Soil and Vent products feature pipe and their associated accessories for connecting to and installing soil stacks.

GuideSoil Systems

Miniline Guttering
Wickes Mini-Fit Guttering has a reduced diameter suitable for use on greenhouses, sheds and other garden buildings.
High Capacity Guttering

Wickes' range of high capacity rainwater systems are designed to drain even the largest roof areas efficiently.

Our Manhole Covers are available in different materials, and come with 20-year guarantee.
Cast Iron Effect Guttering
Wickes Cast Iron Effect Guttering is lightweight and easy to install, and has an extremely tough 'cast iron effect' coating.