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FloPlast 110mm Soil Access Pipe - Black
The 110mm Black Soil Access Pipe allows access within the soil stack to enable easy testing, cleaning and maintenance of the soil system. The access has 2 closed side bosses which when drilled using a 50mm - 57mm hole cutter ...Read more
FloPlast 68mm Cast Iron Style Round Line Downpipe
The 68mm Black Cast Iron Style Downpipe Shoe is used at the end of 68mm downpipe to direct rainwater to a drain or a gully. It offers good flow capacity when removing rainwater from your roof. Suitable for new builds, ...Read more
FloPlast 800g Lubricant Gel - Blue
The Lubricant Gel, used to ease the assembly of pipe systems including underground drainage, push-fit waste, soil, vent and cast iron. Suitable for drinking water systems.Read more
FloPlast Floguard Gutter Guard Leaf Protection System 500mm
The 500mm Black Floguard Gutter Guard Leaf Protection System prevents the entry of leaves into PVC gutters with widths between 100mm - 115mm. Allowing for a non-restrictive flow of rainwater. This easy-fit system will also help with prevention of blockages ...Read more