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Clark-drain Channel & Black Driveway Drainage Grate -
1M drainage channel & black polypropylene grate. Perfect for garage thresholds, patios, gardens and play areas.Read more
Clark-drain Driveway Channel Drainage Garage Pack
Ensure drains stay free from blockages with this 3 pack of 1M plastic drainage channels. Supplied with slotted removable mesh grating, for easy maintenance and cleaning.Read more
FloPlast 110mm Soil Pipe Branch Double Socket/Spigot 92.5°
The 92.5° Grey Double Socket/Spigot 110mm Soil Pipe Branch allows the connection of horizontal pipes to vertical soil stack systems. The branch has two closed side bosses which when drilled out using a 50mm - 57mm hole cutter and boss ...Read more
FloPlast Rainwater Harvesting Identification Label Kit
To reduce the risk of cross-connection and contamination, it is essential that the reused water pipework is readily distinguishable from other pipework. FloPlast offer an Identification tape and labels pack to ensure your system is correctly labelled and meets WRAS ...Read more