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Eco Union Paint Roller Frame - 4in
Our roller frames are about as sustainable as possible, with a bamboo handle, recycled steel frame, and even recycled plastic end caps. But most importantly they feel light in hand for all day painting, they are smooth and tough, a ...Read more
ProDec Assorted Mini Paint Rollers & Frame -
A handy pack of 10 mini rollers from ProDec which are perfect for applying gloss, satin, emulsion and woodstains. The soft grip frame makes them comfortable to use and the quality pile ensures a superb finish. This pack contains 4 ...Read more
ProDec Cast Aluminium Double Arm Frame - 12in
ProDec's double arm frame is made from cast aluminium for durability, engineered with a flat profile for maximum purchase with an extension pole for optimum paint coverage. The dual fit system features both pins and a full bar to suit ...Read more
ProDec Masonry Paint Roller & Threaded Frame -
A heavy duty padded paint roller from ProDec with a thick pile which is perfectly designed for quick and even paint application on rough and very rough surfaces such as brickwork and pebbledash.Read more