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Thermawrap General Purpose Foil Wrap Insulation 1000mm x
High performance insulation material which acts by trapping air within its structure creating low emissivity air spaces which enhance its total thermal capabilities.Read more
Wickes Pipe Insulation Byelaw 15 x 1000mm Pack
Quick and 'easy-fit' thermal insulation for domestic pipework, provides superior protection from freezing and reduces heat loss, CFC & HCFC free, the insulation is rot-proof, odourless and non-absorbent and will not sustain vermin or encourage growth or mould.Read more
Wickes Seasonal Secondary Glazing Film - 6m2
Easy to fit secondary glazing film which is a simple and cost-effective way of saving energy and money by reducing heat loss and preventing draughts.Read more
YBS Breatherquilt 2-In-1 Multifoil 40mm Insulation 1.2 x
BreatherQuilt is a flexible, easy to install, breathable high insulation designed to replace standard breather membranes while also giving a high level of thermal performance. The composition of the product effectively deals with condensation and all forms of energy transfer. ...Read more