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Envirotile Long Verge Brown - 300mm x 3000mm
Lightweight and durable plastic continuous dry verge for Envirolay tiles, and other synthetic and natural roof slates. Protects against wind uplift & won't crack as a result of weathering and movement.Read more
Envirotile Plastic Tile Terracotta Cowl Vent - 365
Envirotile Cowl Vent permits entry of air into the roof space for cross flow ventilation. Offering 10k of natural air ventilation & mechanical extract specifically designed for low pitched roof requirements.Read more
IKOpro Self-Adhesive Roofing Bitumen Primer 5L
IKOpro SA Bitumen Primer is a rubber modified bituminous priming solution designed to seal and prepare surfaces for the application of self-adhesive roofing and waterproofing systems.Read more
Ikopro Universal Flat Roof Renovator - 22.5L
IKOpro Flat Roof Renovator is a seamless waterproof coating to prolong the life of flat roofs. It is a flexible, bituminous coating containing reinforcing fibres and designed for easy application to protect and prolong the life of existing roofing systems. ...Read more