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Roof Felt
The Wickes Roofing Felt range includes capsheets and underlay suitable for most roofing jobs.
PVC Roof Tiles
Lightweight, interlocking PVC roof tile system which is robust and easy to fix. PVC Roof tiles are 20% of the weight of a concrete tile while being made from 75% recycled product.
Polycarbonate Sheets
Wickes Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet is a great roofing product that is transparent, lightweight and easy to install.
Polycarbonate Fittings & Accessories
Our range of polycarbonate flashings, fixings, tapes and closures, are all the accessories you'll need to help install your polycarbonate roofing sheets
Bitumen Corrugated Sheets & Trims
Wickes Bitumen Roofing consists of corrugated waterproof material saturated with bitumen, ideal for roofing garages and sheds.
PVC Corrugated Sheets & Trims
Wickes PVC Roofing includes clear corrugated PVCu sheeting ideal for roofing garages and sheds.
Roof Repair Liquids
Wickes provide roof sealant in a variety of formats to suit each type of roof repair project.
Roof Felt Adhesives & Primers
Wickes Roofing adhesives and primers supplement our terrific range of roofing felt products.
Roof Shingles
Our Roof Shingles are ideal for roofing garden sheds and summerhouses with pitched roofs.
Roof Flashing & Cowls
Our range of Lead Sheets features various sizes of lead flashing, the ideal product to prevent water penetration.
Gas Blow Torches
Our Roofer's gas torch offers you the option to affix extra-durable felting in a professional manner.
Roof & Gutter Sealants
Our Sealants range includes general purpose sealants as well as specialised sealants for roofing and guttering.
Wickes tarpaulins are designed to protect your equipment and materials from the worst of the British weather.