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EVO-STIK GRIPFILL™ Gap-Filling Adhesive - 350ml - Buff
EVO-STIK GRIPFILL™ grab adhesive is a multipurpose, high strength, solvent-based gap-filling adhesive, suitable for interior and exterior use (provided the bond is covered). GRIPFILL™ sticks to almost any building material with an unbeatable final bond strength, and is ideal for ...Read more
Gorilla White Waterproof Coat & Seal - 473ml
Gorilla® Waterproof Coat & Seal is a flexible, rubberised coating that seals out water, air and moisture. Perfect for repairing leaks, the liquid is easy to apply – you simply brush it, roll it or pour it. The self-levelling formula ...Read more
Soudabond Easy Gun Grade - 750ml
Professional quality adhesive foam, for quick and easy bonding of many building materials, such as insulation board and plasterboard panels, lightweight (non-load bearing) blockwork, ceramics, mdf, chipboard and many other materials. Effectively bonds and fills, with good gap filling capabilities. ...Read more
Soudal Fix ALL High Tack Hybrid Sealant &
Super strong sealant, adhesive and filler with high initial grab. Perfect for all sealing and heavy-duty bonding applications. Suitable for interior and exterior use, on all common building materials, including porous (e.g. natural stone), non-porous, wet and humid surfaces.Read more