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Wooden BiFold Patio Doors
Our softwood, solid oak or Oak Vaneer BiFold Patio Doors are the ultimate in exterior design. They will open your walls up, transform your living space and give it a real ?wow? factor. This is a door that will add value to your home.
Aluminium BiFold Patio Doors
A revolutionary factory finished low maintenance range, with a durable powder coated aluminium outside for great weather protection and the beauty and warmth of Oak inside the home.


Is it worth getting bi-folding patio doors?

Yes, bifold patio doors are a great choice for their space-saving design, seamless indoor-outdoor transition and enhanced natural light. This style of patio door offers a modern and functional solution for connecting living spaces to your outdoor haven.

What’s the difference between a bifold and sliding patio door?

Bifold patio doors fold and stack to the side, offering wide openings and unobstructed views. Sliding patio doors glide horizontally, conserving space and providing a sleek look.

How do you open a bi-folding patio door?

To open your bifold doors, pull the handle or knob towards you to release the latch. Then, fold each panel back along its hinges, allowing them to slide smoothly along the track until fully open.