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Wooden BiFold Patio Doors
Our softwood, solid oak or Oak Vaneer BiFold Patio Doors are the ultimate in exterior design. They will open your walls up, transform your living space and give it a real ?wow? factor. This is a door that will add value to your home.
Aluminium BiFold Patio Doors
A revolutionary factory finished low maintenance range, with a durable powder coated aluminium outside for great weather protection and the beauty and warmth of Oak inside the home.
uPVC BiFold Patio Doors
Our uPVC BiFold Patio Doors incorporates a classic, timeless design built to modern specifications, using galvanised steel for strength, security and durability.

Bifold Patio doors are a beautiful and contemporary addition to any home. Add floods of natural light to your living space with these aesthetically exciting sliding doors. You can also improve security and access when you fit Bifold doors in your kitchen or downstairs living space.

These beautiful doors fold open to create a large entryway between the inside of your house and your garden. Bring sunny days into your home with wooden, silver, or white bifold doors, ideal for busy and style-conscious households alike. Complete the look and prevent streaking with external door canopies.

Our bifold doors are available in wooden, aluminium, and uPVC, so you can choose the material that suits your taste and needs. Aluminium bifold doors provide a sleek, low-maintenance finish. Our uPVC sliding patio doors are a lower-cost alternative for exquisite results.