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Smart Security
Stay connected to your home wherever you are with our range of smart security products. Control and monitor them from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, or you can even link your system up to a handy key fob.
Smart Heating
Imagine having total control of your home’s heating system from anywhere. That’s what Hive is in a nutshell – a system that’s connected to your boiler that lets you control your heating and hot water remotely from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
Smart Lighting
Personalise your lighting system and turn your everyday lighting into an extraordinary experience.
Smart Plugs and Sensors
For enhanced security and peace of mind when you’re not at home, our Hive Motion Sensor is a discreet sensor that detects motion in your home and sends an alert to your phone.
Smart Appliances
Introducing smart appliances into your kitchen will give you greater control over the meals you cook and a better understanding of how your appliances are performing.