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Say goodbye to dangerous acid-based chemicals, without compromising on performance! A unique blend of plant-based ingredients, EradiCRETE makes light work of concrete and cement buildup without posing a danger to the user, the equipment or the environment. Unlike conventional concrete ...Read more
KilrockPRO Patio, Driveway & Masonry Cleaner - 5L
KilrockPRO Patio, Driveway & Masonry Cleaner is a highly concentrated professional outdoor hard surface cleaner that effortlessly shifts stains, oil and grease. Powerfully & effectively restore driveways, patios, asphalt, slabs and concrete surfaces. Apply using a pressure washer, or brush. ...Read more
HG Cement, Mortar & Efflorescence Remover - 1L
HG cement, mortar & efflorescence remover (product 12) removes stubborn cement grout film and mortar residue from all types of porous and non-porous tiles and flagstones. But also for non-calciferous natural-stone types, such as Norwegian slate, granite and quartzite.Read more
Barrettine Knockout Concentrated Descaler - 250ml
The knockout concentrated descaler from Barrettine is crafted to tackle limescale buildup in a variety of appliances. Its versatile formula is specially designed to descale kettles, showerheads, steamers, and irons.Read more