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Marshalls Heritage Riven Calder Brown Paving Slab 600
Marshalls Heritage Paving is cast from genuine split stone flags with Fettled edges, making it a close match to Natural Yorkstone, but at an economical price. This product is a firm favourite with households across Britain.Read more
Marshalls Heritage Riven Old Yorkstone Paving Slab 450
Famous for its natural riven look and in a choice of colours that can beautifully complement any house or garden. Cast from genuine split sandstone flags with mason fettled edges reminiscent of newly quarried Yorkstone.Read more
Marshalls Regent Riven Buff Paving Slab 300 x
Marshalls Regent Textured Paving can be used for patio or utility areas and comes at an affordable price. There are lots of laying options available, allowing you to create a design that suits you.Read more
Marshalls Sawn Versuro Smooth Autumn Bronze Paving Slab
Marshalls Fairstone King Size is a large plan size, sandstone paving slab manufactured from ethically sourced sandstone. The stone is hand selected to ensure colour and quality consistency. It is 30mm thick and precision sawn to ensure dimensional accuracy. Marshalls ...Read more