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Adey MC1+ Magnaclean Rapide Central Heating System Corrosion
High performance MC1+ Rapide from Adey, the makers of the market leading MagnaClean¨ filter, prevents both system corrosion and limescale deposition. Suitable for both sealed and open vented central heating systems. The latest MC1+ Rapide chemical is the product of ...Read more
Adey Pro1 Magna Clean Filter + Adey MC1
MagnaClean Professional sets an industry standard for plumbing and heating engineers when it comes to protecting and maintaining both new and existing central heating systems. MagnaClean Professional is a proven high efficiency, full-flow, magnetic and non-magnetic filter designed to tackle ...Read more
Sentinel Sesi 15mm Compression Electrolytic Scale Inhibitor
The Sentinel SESI is an electrolytic scale inhibitor that can provide a cost-effective solution to help tackle limescale build-up. It provides a long term solution which protects the whole house, without introducing any unwanted chemicals to drinking water, and can ...Read more
Sentinel X800 Jetflo Fast Acting Central Heating System
A heavy duty cleaning formulation designed to remove corrosion deposits and scale from boiler heat exchangers, radiators and pipework in domestic central heating systems.Read more