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KilrockPRO Carpet & Textile Cleaner - 750ml
KilrockPRO Carpet & Textile Cleaner enzyme-based formula actively breaks down organic matter, removing stubborn stains at source. The pH-neutral formulation is safe on fabrics and upholstery. Removes tough stains including food, wine, tobacco, tea & coffee, blood, grass, heavy soiling ...Read more
KilrockPRO Patio, Driveway & Masonry Cleaner - 5L
KilrockPRO Patio, Driveway & Masonry Cleaner is a highly concentrated professional outdoor hard surface cleaner that effortlessly shifts stains, oil and grease. Powerfully & effectively restore driveways, patios, asphalt, slabs and concrete surfaces. Apply using a pressure washer, or brush. ...Read more
KilrockPRO Stainless Steel Cleaner - 600ml
KilrockPRO Stainless Steel Cleaner cleans, polishes & protects. The professional strength 3-in-1 formula instantly cleans and removes grease, grime & finger marks from stainless steel, chrome, architectural aluminium & other interior surfaces such as enamel and ceramic. The protective finish ...Read more
KilrockPRO Tile & Stone Cleaner - 750ml
KilrockPRO Tile & Stone Cleaner delivers powerful cleaning & degreasing that will leave a clean streak free surface. Professional strength non-caustic formula for sensitive stone surfaces. Effective on worktops, counters, splashbacks, floors, granite, marble & much more.Read more