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Dow Corning 796 uPVC Silicone Sealant White 310ml
Dowsil 796 Neutral Silicone Sealant is a one-part, low modulus, neutral curing silicone sealant specifically developed for the sealing of PVC-U, glass, glazed surfaces and brickwork. It is very popular for perimeter sealing applications of windows and doors.Read more
Dryzone Anti-Mould Silicone Sealant Replacement Kit
The Dryzone Silicone Sealant Replacement Kit contains everything needed to give humid bathrooms and kitchens a fresh new look with premium sanitary-grade silicone joints. The 12 item kit includes everything needed to successfully carry out sealant removal and replacement profile's ...Read more
Gorilla Contact Adhesive - Clear - 75g
Gorilla Contact Adhesive is a flexible, fast-drying, crystal clear glue that creates a strong, permanent bond. Once fully cured, this glue is both paintable and waterproof meaning it’s washing machine safe and can withstand rain. Gorilla Contact Adhesive’s no-run formula ...Read more
Silirub LMN Silicone - Clear - 300ml
Superior Quality low modulus neutral cure silicone sealant. Thick bodied sealant with very fast skinning time and final cure. The professional grade silicone provides excellent toolability. Primerless adhesion on all common construction materials (glass, plastics, masonry substrates, metals and wood). ...Read more