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Geocel Painters Mate White Flexible Filler - 310ml
Geocel Painters Mate is a highly flexible filler for use on internal and external surfaces including skirting boards, doors, window frames, floorboards, ceilings, walls and plasterboard. It resists cracking, there is no sanding required and can be overpainted approximately 1 ...Read more
Soudabond Easy Gun Grade - 750ml
Professional quality adhesive foam, for quick and easy bonding of many building materials, such as insulation board and plasterboard panels, lightweight (non-load bearing) blockwork, ceramics, mdf, chipboard and many other materials. Effectively bonds and fills, with good gap filling capabilities. ...Read more
Soudafoam Fire Resistant Hand Held Polyurethane Expanding Foam
High Yield fire rated, one component expanding polyurethane foam filler. Achieve 25% more yield than the original Soudafoam FR fire resisting foam. The rapid curing foam has excellent thermal and acoustic properties. Excellent adhesion on most construction materials. Conforms to ...Read more
Soudal Fix ALL High Tack Hybrid Sealant &
Super strong sealant, adhesive and filler with high initial grab. Perfect for all sealing and heavy-duty bonding applications. Suitable for interior and exterior use, on all common building materials, including porous (e.g. natural stone), non-porous, wet and humid surfaces.Read more