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Bosch Professional GIM 120 Incline Measure
Professional digital inclinometer that guarantees excellent precision in measuring and displaying inclines in millimetres per metre, degrees or as a percentage. Hold / copy function allows users to measure inclines and transfer them to other positions. Direction arrows and audible ...Read more
Draper Rechargeable Waterproof Wi-Fi Endoscope Inspection Camera
The Draper Rechargable Waterproof Endoscope is a compact rechargeable endoscope fitted with a waterproof camera that's compatible with Android and IOS operated systems and wirelessly communicates to phones, tablets. The flexible semi rigid cable bends and holds its shape making ...Read more
Ferret Lite CFWF50L Rechargeable Digital 720 Pixel Inspection
The Ferret Lite Inspection Camera is a general-purpose rechargable high-quality 720 pixel inspection camera that gives eyes inside hard to reach locations. It includes award-winning handy features with the addition of the always up viewing mode to help with intuitive ...Read more
Ferret Pro CFWF50A2 Rechargeable Digital 720 Pixel Inspection
The Ferret Pro Inspection Camera is a rechargable professional and durable high-quality 720 pixel inspection camera, this next generation inspection tool is designed and engineered with award winning features to provide easier, faster and safer visual inspections. Includes App controlled ...Read more